By Claire Peate

"an unusual and interesting story that captures your imagination..." Tanya, Suze Likes, Loves, Find and Dreams

Fiction, Novels


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Winchester's not the most happening of cathedral cities, but journalist Kate might find something juicy to dig up on the newly appointed Dean, Archie Cartwright. He's not so much socks and sandals as Converse All-Stars and Italian sports cars. A thief has just lifted the head of Canute out from under Archie's nose, his eye being caught by a rather tempting lady cleric.

Up in London, Edgar Thompson is having a hard time keeping a lid on the biggest archaeological find in British history - currently being exposed beneath Kings Cross' busiest platforms. Especially when the most important artefact of all - another famous ancient's skull - disappears overnight.

Where are the heads going? Will Kate, Archie and Edgar manage to find them before their own careers do a similar disappearing act? Not if Archie's Bishop, Kate's conniving colleagues and over anxious father have anything to do with it...

ISBN: 9781906784027
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 5th March 2009

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