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By Carol Lovekin

"Charming, quirky, magical" Joanne Harris

Fiction, Novels



Someone needs to be forgiven.Someone needs to forgive

Nothing hurts like not knowing who you are. Nobody will tell Cadi anything about her father and her sister. Her mother Violet believes she can only cope with the past by never talking about it. Lili, Cadi's aunt, is stuck in the middle, bound by a promise she shouldn't have made. But this summer, Cadi is determined to find out the truth.

In a world of hauntings and magic, in a village where it rains throughout August, as Cadi starts on her search the secrets and the ghosts begin to wake up. None of the Hopkins women will be able to escape them.

Waterstones Wales and Welsh Independent Bookshops Book of the Month April 2016


"...a beautifully emotional story about the importance of forgiveness, wrapped up in a loose retelling of the story of Blodeuwedd... "
Carolyn Percy, Wales Arts Review

"Drawing on nature, witchcraft, age-old fairytales and secrets, Lovekin weaves a powerful, spellbinding tale"
Judith Kinghorn, author of The Last Summer

"Carol Lovekin's prose is full of beautifully strange poetry"
Rebecca Mascull, author of The Visitors and Song of the Sea Maid

"Ghostbird is an engaging, female-centred narrative... A debut well worth a few hours of your time"
Naomi Frisby, The Writes of Woman

"Left me feeling full of hope and happiness, and feeling like I had just finished a very magical book"
Faye, A Daydreamer's Thoughts

"Every so often, a book comes along that makes me feel as if the words I have at my disposal can't possibly be enough to put together a review that does it full justice... read it, experience it, and love every moment of it as much as I did"
Being Anne...

"Beautifully written it pulled me in from the very first page... A magical and emotional read fully deserving of my five star award"
Jo Lambert

"One of the most exquisitely beautiful books that I've read in a really long time. This novel has an almost dream-like quality to it and the writing is so evocative; it's simply a book not to be missed!"
Rather Too Fond of Books

"A thoroughly engaging, compelling read..."
Heaven Ali (

"A story of ghosts and magic that is deeply grounded in the natural world. It is full of birds and flowers and rain, delicately drawing on the myth of Blodeuwedd. It is a quest for truth and a tale of redemption. It is, as Joanne Harris says on the front cover, 'charming, quirky, magical'"
Suzy Ceulan Hughes,

"...this is a poignant illustration of the effects of loss, full of warmth and emotional intelligence"
Isabel Costello, The Literary Sofa

ISBN: 9781909983397
Categories: Fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 17th March 2016

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