Facing into the West Wind

By Lara Clough

"A deeply felt and accomplished first novel" Sue Gee

Fiction, Novels


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" Nell has the nightmare about the fridge again, and because of that she knows this job will fail. As she takes that in, she smiles. Because that's what she really wants, to fail, so she can go back to the home in the dunes. The only place she is real and true. The only place she can run out on that massive beach, with the wind whipping her hair painfully round her face. Fighting the wind, that's the best, because the frige scares her half to death."

When Haz meets Jason on a street in Bristol, who is helping who? Jason is rejected, alone, grateful. But why would Haz take in a complete stranger? What does he want?

Haz takes Jason to his family's beach home far out on Gower. But even here, beyond the peace of the sea and sky, something is wrong. Haz's mother is sad and defeated, his father angry and suspicious.And Nell, his sister, who is so thin - how come she holds this family in the palm of her hand?

Jason may be lost and friendless, but he has a gift. He has a face people to confess to..and those confessions are going to change everything.

ISBN: 9781870206792
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 12th September 2006

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