Eunice Fleet


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Eunice Fleet

By Lily Tobias

Edited by Jasmine Donahaye

"Eunice Fleet is an enlightening contrast to the raft of contemporaries that document the horrors and sacrifices of war. It shines a light on the politics of the resistance movement during the war and the peace movement afterwards, through the actions of interesting and flawed characters." Great War 100 Reads

Fiction, Novels, Welsh Women's Classics



Drawing deeply from Lily Tobias' own experience, this is the moving story about the treatment of conscientious objectors during the First World War, first published in 1933. The spoilt daughter of a Cardiff industrialist,Eunice is outraged when her teacher husband refuses to fight. Her refusal to visit him in jail has disastrous consequences and repercussions which are still affecting her as another war threatens.

In the 1930s Lily Tobias' fiction was very well received, but her work has been out of print for more tha half a century. This edition has an introduction by Dr Jasmine Donahaye, a specialist in the Jewish literature and culture of Wales. She has published and lectured widely on Lily Tobias both in the UK and the USA

"With the republication of Eunice Fleet, Tobias' work can take its proper place in the traditions of Welsh writing in English and British Jewish literature, to both of which it contributes and belongs." Jasmine Donahaye


"I crept away from this amazing book both quietly stunned and deeply enlightened." Lynne Hatwell,

"deeply moving novel... It's a rare look at those who wouldn't fight, who rarely feature in the literature of the Great War, and the reactions of those around them... a valuable book, rightfully republished at last." Alex in Leeds

"A wonderful re-discovery to set alongside those other stirring stories of war-resistance...thanks to Jasmine Donahaye's imaginative research." Claire Tylee

"This is an important book to be made available and I found myself wondering why it had ever been lost." Mslexia

Foreword: Jasmine Donahaye
ISBN: 9781870206655
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Novels, Welsh Women's Classics
First Published by Honno: 19th August 2004

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