Emmet and Me


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Emmet and Me

By Sara Gethin

“Tender and deeply affecting.” Jon Gower, author, documentary maker, and Hay Festival International Fellow

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I once had a forbidden friend.
He was funny and brave, had scabbed knees and grubby shorts,
a gleeful grin and fathomless eyes. My co-conspirator and hero.
He called himself Emmet

Summer 1966. Claire and her brothers are packed off to Granny Connemara when their mother runs away. Granny’s rural Irish cottage is very different to their Cardiff city home, the peaty air thick with unspoken secrets. With no sign of Uncle Jack picking them up at the end of the holidays, there is school to be survived.

Granny is formidable and the children unsettled by the conversations they’re excluded from. Will Mother ever return? Will they ever get home? Why does their father hate everything to do with Ireland?

The only light on Claire’s horizon is an out-of-bounds friendship… and it will change her life forever.

From the Not the Booker shortlisted author of Not Thomas


“deeply affecting and haunting.”
Marie Gameson author of The Giddy Career of Mr Gadd (Deceased) (Salt)

"beautiful, perfectly set in time and place. A story of friendship, loyalty and trust. "
Sandy Taylor, author of The Orphan's Daughter

"Sara Gethin has written something very special, very powerful... 'Emmet and Me' is a remarkable tale, a captivating novel that will leave its mark on every reader."
Mairéad Hearne of Swirl and Thread book blog

"The unspeakable cruelty of the Irish Industrial Schools and their devastating effect on children and families is laid bare in this profoundly moving, evocative story of a special friendship told through the eyes of a ten-year-old narrator. I loved it."
Laura Wilkinson author of Skin Deep

"A page turner that I nevertheless had to walk away from at times, fearful of what was about to be revealed... The author captures the essence of childhood with aplomb and crafts a tale that cannot fail to move every reader. A deftly rendered, recommended read."
Jackie Law, https://neverimitate.wordpress.com/

ISBN: 9781912905331
Language: English
Categories: Featured, Fiction, Historical fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 20th May 2021

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