Eden’s Garden


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2011 Carys' dreams for the future are falling apart as she returns to the Snowdonia village where she was born, to look after her mother. But then a chance discovery draws her back into the story of Plas Eden, the huge ramshackle country house where, at eighteen, she said goodbye to her childhood sweetheart, David Meredith.

1898 The last time Ann was in London, she was a spoilt, aristocratic bride. Now she stands destitute on London Bridge, with the Meredith Charity Hospital her only lifeline. But who can she trust, and will she ever escape her past?

Two women struggle with love, family duty, long-buried secrets and their own creative ambitions. But more than a hundred years ago Ann left a trail through London, Cornwall and Wales that leads Carys on a tantilising and increasingly shocking search for the truth.

What is Plas Eden's connection with her own family history and what are the secrets of the statues in the garden?


Finalist for the 2013/14 People's Book Prize.

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