Death Studies


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Death Studies

By Lindsay Ashford

'Patricia Cornwell has patented the persona of the doughty heroine who bucks the system ... Ashford is closer to her personal demons.' Guardian

Crime / Mystery / Thriller, Fiction, Novels



Some secrets haunt the living and the dead...

A windswept seaside strip in West Wales - sleepy enough, until three bodies turn up within as many days. A shocking coincidence or a serial killer?

Pulled from a brackish pool, the first corpse could be thousands of years old or less than fifty. The second turns up in the local hospital where the body the tabloids are calling the 'bog man' has been temporarily interred. is someone trying to stop his identity being revealed or simply ruin an archaeologist's dream come true?

Forensic psychologist Megan Rhys is on holiday in Borth, but she can't ignore the body in her backyard ... her journalist sister Ceri is being held to ransom by an editor eager to steal a march on her national red-top rivals, and the closer the sisters get to the heart of the case the more their careers bring them into potential conflict...

ISBN: 9781870206860
Language: English
Categories: Crime / Mystery / Thriller, Fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 3rd July 2006

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