Cold Enough to Freeze Cows


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Cold Enough to Freeze Cows

By Lorraine Jenkin

'Highly readable stuff to curl up with...' County Times

Award-winning & listed, Fiction, Humour, Novels, Romance



Iestyn Bevan is happiest up to his armpits in sheep dip - putting on his brother's cast off City finery just makes him uncomfortable... Even when it's handed to him by the delectable Sima, life coach to the loaded. Menna Edwards is an expert ram wrestler, but her bathroom owes more to Homes & Gardens than the Farmer's Mart...Together they should be a match made in Heaven, but near as it is to God, the Welsh hill farm isn't the most romantic of wooing grounds. Unless you're Johnny 'Brechdan', in which case there's no fighting off the local lovelies, particularly when you can lay hedges faster than any girl...

This year holds surprises for all three, culminating in a tumultuous night at the Sheep Breeder's Annual Dinner and Dance...where the rumours and rows give the Big Brother house a run for its money!

The People's Book Prize Finalist
Country Book of the Year, 2012
Anna's ebook awards, 2012 (

Welsh Independent Booksellers Book of the Month, August 2010


"Strong characters, cleverly-contrived plotline and thoroughly feel-good writing make this story unmissable."
Trish Simpson-Davis, BookBag (

"Like a Welsh 'Love Actually'"
AB, The Chick Lit Club (

"Lorraine Jenkin creates characters we can care about, she carries us along easily and eagerly to a happy conclusion."
Caroline Clark,

ISBN: 9781906784171
Language: English
Categories: Award-winning & listed, Fiction, Humour, Novels, Romance
First Published by Honno: 15th July 2010

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