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By Jo Verity

"First rate...excellent" The Bookseller

Fiction, Novels



Jack has fun playing away – not with loose women, but as part of a Morris dancing team! But when a gig is cancelled and he falls for the delightfully New-Agey young woman behind the desk of 'The Welcome Stranger' he is launched into a world of lovestruck subterfuge.

Meanwhile, his wife, Fay, rashly offers a home to one of her son's ex-bandmates days before she is forced to house her frail but argumentative mother-in-law. To top it all, she's in the throes of an illicit passion for her best friend's handsome son.

Will Jack and Fay's marriage survive the promise of new and exotic lovers? Will the chime of Morris bells turn a woman's head in the days of iPod and mobile phone?

A heartwarming tale of late-springing love from the award winning author of Everything in the Garden.

ISBN: 9781870206877
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 18th May 2007

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