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By Jane Fraser

Fraser explores themes of womanhood, expectation, power, and identity with an unflinching eye. Her storytelling is brimming with truth and tension. Rebecca F. John, Costa-shortlisted author

Fiction, Historical fiction, Novels



Love, duty or freedom – which will she choose?

1904: Ellen has returned to her Gower village from the hustle and bustle of Hoboken, New Jersey. News of her father’s increasing frailty has brought her reluctantly home. Her younger twin brothers are hoping that she can talk some sense into the increasingly drink sodden subsistence farmer. As the weeks and months pass Ellen’s own history and the issues that led to her departure for the USA are revealed. She is a modern woman making her way in the new 20th century and isn’t prepared to sacrifice herself to the expectations of duty and tradition.

Advent is Ellen’s story and the story of a generation of young women who finally began to take hold of the reins of their own lives, not bowing down to their menfolk and staying tied to home and hearth in spite of their own desires and ambitions.


"An evocative, powerful novel which conjures up a strong sense of place with the lightest of brushstrokes. A tightly-woven narrative that lingers long in the mind. "
Fflur Dafyd

"This lovely, lovely novel has its own quiet and insistent music, beating to the daily rhythms of hard work even as it probes the way in which love can breed its own cruelties. "
Jon Gower

"In giving birth to Ellen, Jane Fraser has created a new kick-ass Welsh heroine, born on the green lands of Gower but whose sights are raised to the horizon far away. Ellen’s passion and steel are matched by Fraser’s beautiful evocation of place; the weather, landscape and epoch vividly and elegantly brought to life on each page. "
Euros Lyn, BAFTA-winning TV and film director

"A beautifully written novel, blessed with a deep and profound sense of place, and a vivid heroine to root for."
Alan Bilton, novelist and non-fiction writer

"As a book it is a complex tale of family and relationships and our connections to each other. It is also a homage of women who helped shape the landscape around them. I for one, look forward to the what Jane Fraser will do next!"
Susan Corcoran, Books Are My Cwtches

ISBN: 9781912905263
Language: English
Categories: Fiction, Historical fiction, Novels
First Published by Honno: 21st January 2021

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