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There's always another side to the story. We'll never know everything that goes on in people's lives, what makes them do what they do...

Elin Pritchard has stayed away for twenty years, burying the past beneath a high-flying career...until the death of her brother forces her to return to the Welsh village harbouring the secrets of her childhood.

To the villagers she is the prodigal daughter, the teenage revel who has turned into a smart, business-like and brusque lawyer and, in the process, turned her back on her roots. But there are reasons for Elin's distance - things even the gossips don't guess at.

As each of the mourners loses themselves in memories of the Pritchards, a picture of the girl Elin used to be emerges along with the past she refused to confront; only now might she be brave enough to face the future she both desires and fears.

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