A Murder at Rosings


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A Murder at Rosings

By Annette Purdey Pugh

"Fans of Pride and Prejudice will enjoy this short mystery novel which follows some of the supporting characters from Jane Austen's well-loved story." Melanie D

Crime / Mystery / Thriller, Fiction, Forthcoming Titles, Novels


Available on backorder


When Mr Collins is found stabbed to death in Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s garden, simmering tensions are revealed beneath the elegant Regency surface of the Rosings estate.

The prime suspect is Mr Bennet, who was overheard arguing with Mr Collins over the entail of Longbourn in the days before the murder was committed, and who stands to benefit more than anyone from the Rector’s death.

His daughter Mary uncovers a scandalous secret that holds the key to the murder. Can she prove her father’s innocence in time to save him from the gallows?

From the Editor:
'What I love about this book is that it is beautifully written, with an absolute faithfulness to the language in use at the time. A Murder at Rosings is both a good old-fashioned murder mystery that keeps the reader guessing till the very last page and a sparklingly clever re-imagining of characters from Pride and Prejudice. It's a delightful concoction that will intrigue any Janeite.'
Lindsay Ashford, Editor.


"an easy, engrossing read."
Nadishka Aloysius (Author)

"beautiful novel worthy of the connection to Ms Austen!"
Siobhan Rodriguez

"imaginative mystery set after the events of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, filled with intrigue, misdirects, and characters that you love to hate."
Lottie H

ISBN: 9781912905355
Language: English
Categories: Crime / Mystery / Thriller, Fiction, Forthcoming Titles, Novels
First Published by Honno: 17th June 2021

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