Little Brown Dog


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One nameless stray. Two fearless young women.
The wrath of a ruthless medical establishment. A heroic fight for justice.

Humanity will be judged by how we treat other species, not just our own kind.”

It’s 1903, and Britain is desperate for change, but widespread calls for social and gender reform flounder against  entrenched misogyny. Navigating this world are best friends Lena Hageby and Eliza Blackwood – two thoroughly modern young women determined to live life on their own terms.

Rumours abound of barbaric experiments taking place within London’s medical schools, and when the women covertly witness a shockingly brutal procedure performed on a semi-conscious dog, they resolve to take down the perpetrator – renowned physiologist Dr William Bayling.

In their fight for justice, the women are drawn into an increasingly vicious ‘David and Goliath’ battle with an all-powerful male medical establishment who will stop at nothing to protect the status quo. But how much are the women prepared to risk? Their friendship, their loves, their freedom, even their lives?

Based on extraordinary true events that shook Edwardian society, Little Brown Dog is a tale
simultaneously heart-breaking and heart-warming. Although a century has passed, it remains a
strikingly modern parable of female bravery in speaking truth to power