Who’s Afraid of the Bwgan Wood?

By Anne Lewis

This book is a pure delight. The writing is truly beautiful, the many characters enchanting. Bronwen Gould

Award-winning & listed, Children, Fantasy, Fiction



A fantasy Children's novel for ages 7-11 years old.Winner of the Welsh Books Council Tir na n-Og Award

The first in the Bwgan Wood series.

'All day long people hurry to and fro across the waste ground on the fringes of the Bwgan-wood. Nobody sees the eyes peeping out at them from the tangles of the trees. Nobody notices the way the leaves sometimes shake and shiver when there isn't any wind. Nobody has the faintest idea that they are being watched. And nobody hears the laughter . . .'

. . . Until, that is, Tatibwgan and Bwgandaio venture out from the wood one moonlit night and discover a world full of human beings, animals, magic and surprises.



"Who's Afraid of the Bwgan-Wood? has every element that a successful children's novel needs. I am sure it is only the first of many by an obviously gifted writer." Jenny Nimmo

ISBN: 9781870206143
Language: English
Categories: Award-winning & listed, Children, Fantasy, Fiction
First Published by Honno: 1st December 1995

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