Walking to Greenham


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Walking to Greenham

How the Peace Camp Began and the Cold War Ended

By Ann Pettitt

"...poignant and insightful" The Spokesman

Autobiography & Memoir, Non-Fiction, Women & Society


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A young mother bringing up her children on a smallholding in rural Wales, Ann Pettitt began a movement that changed the face of modern history.

With three other women determined to challenge government policy and the post war status quo, which placed the West firmly against the East behind Churchill's Iron Curtain, she gathered together a small group of would-be marchers and set out to walk to a UK airbase given over to the Americans. Their aim was to stop nuclear warheads being launched from British soil. This part of her story – and that of the Peace-camp that grew out of the march on Greenham Common – is now well documented. What followed is less well known. Having brought the folly of its Cold War stance to the notice of the UK and her allies the US, Ann and Women for Life on Earth then took their plea for peace direct to the heart of the Kremlin. What they found was both frightening and surprisingly hopeful.


Walking to Greenham is a moving, enlightening and intimate memoir of a time when many thought a nuclear conflagration imminent. Its message is no less important or relevant now.


"A clear-eyed moving account"
The Times

"a bustling, energetic account of Greenham and beyond."
The Guardian

"A riot of a read"
Sunday Telegraph

"moving and fascinating"
Cambrian News

"...good humour, incisive wit and a solid political perspective... This book, essentially a personal memoir, puts the blood, sweat and tears into it... The power of this very readable, funny and moving, book is that it communicates the belief that everyone can make a difference – that each of us can do things to add new chapters to the story."
Peace News

"the most authentic book I have read about the Women’s March from Cardiff to Greenham in 1981"

"a poignant and insightful account..."
The Spokesman

"a book which had to be written, and deserves to be read"
New Welsh Review

ISBN: 9781870206761
Language: English
Categories: Autobiography & Memoir, Non-Fiction, Women & Society
First Published by Honno: 5th September 2006

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