Here We Stand

Women Changing the World

Edited by Angharad Penrhyn Jones, Helena Earnshaw

"A beautiful and necessary book full of passion, humour, encouragement, information and hope. This is the kind of writing that saves lives." A.L. Kennedy

Anthology, Autobiography & Memoir, Award-winning & listed, Non-Fiction, Women & Society



A fascinating and unique anthology about contemporary women campaigners and how they were changed by the process of changing the world.

A Book Of The Year 2015 as selected by Natalie Bennett in The Ecologist

Through a series of interviews and articles, 17 key British women campaigners talk intimately about the difficult and exhilarating nature of their work.

These women are dreaming of a better world. But they are not just dreamers. They have organised, marched on the streets, joined protest camps, opened refuges, blogged from war zones, and smashed up military equipment. They have gone undercover, lived in trees, stormed Parliament, and taken on the world’s largest corporations. They have been sacked, attacked, psychologically abused, jailed, shot at, sued, deceived by police spies, and even disowned by their families. But still they keep dreaming; still they march on. And they are changing history.

These original testimonies are uplifting, shocking and moving. They will rouse you, and encourage you to demand change.


"Anthologies can often be uneven affairs, but this collection was consistently moving, insightful and inspiring in equal measure. The editors deserve particular praise for having so brilliantly presented these essential accounts of women involved in so many areas of struggle."
Guest judge Nina Power

"From the first page to the last, these incredible stories of women's political courage leap off the page. The blend of personal accounts mixed with outstanding journalism make for a truly inspiring collection."
Guest judge Anna Minton and author of Ground Control: Fear and Happiness in the 21st Century City

WHSmith Wales Book of the Month, July 2014


"A perfect book for the times we live in."
Natalie Bennett, Book of the Year, Resurgence & The Ecologist

"A timely and important publication. In their different ways, the women featured have all made a great contribution to the struggle for justice, freedom and equality, both in Britain and across the globe."
Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary

"An absolute pleasure to read and a must-have handbook for campaigners. For the days when you believe it’s pointless. For the times when the issue you are fighting feels too big and daunting. These women have literally changed the world that we inhabit, and that gives this reader heart that I can too."
Peace News

"Reading about these activists’ determination, bravery and commitment is inspiring and humbling in equal measure. I
recommend [Here We Stand] to anyone who dreams of a better world, and is prepared to learn from some of those who
have already fought for one."
Mark Lynas, author of High Tide, Six Degrees and The God Species

"This is a fantastic book. Genuinely diverse, accessible, moving... gorgeously, subtly, provocatively feminist. An awesome read."
Goodreads reviewer

"So many incredible women are standing up for what they believe – this book is a celebr ation of their remarkable and all too often unacknowledged achievements. It’s a source of inspiration and a call to action"
Caroline Lucas

"Prepare to be in awe of these tireless campaigners"
Red magazine

"Seventeen angry and affirmative testimonies, ranging from women who have taken on corporations and opened refuges, to those who have marched on the streets and stormed parliament, all in the name of a better future."

"This book will change the way you see the world."
Josie Long, co-founder of Arts Emergency

"In this important book... Helena Earnshaw and Angharad Penrhyn Jones interview 17 of their peers about what
compels them to devote their lives to helping others... [The campaigners’] courage and commitment shines through."
The Independent

"One of the most inspiring and thought-provoking anthologies I’ve read for a long time."
Amazon reviewer

"There are some books that you can’t help telling everyone about, even before you have finished reading them. Here We
Stand is certainly one of them... These stories will move you in many different ways... This is a manual for positive action… read it and be inspired."

"Usually you see activists when they’re outside the High Court being interviewed by the BBC for two minutes... This book shows the lead-up to that moment, and breaks down some of the clichés... it made me feel really positive and realise that change is possible."
New Welsh Review podcast

"Such a powerful book. Reading about these incredibly impressive women gave me strength to continue what is an
endless struggle for a fairer world. A must read."
Frank Barat, coordinator of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine

"Extraordinary testimonies... [A] hugely motivating and important book."
The Morning Star

"A compelling and affecting anthology... [Here We Stand] should be read by everyone."
Planet: The Welsh Internationalist

"These are inspiring stories of courage and ingenuity. Together they help tell the story of how politics and political
action is changing."
Nicholas Blincoe

"The women in this book, with their courage, humour and intelligence, are keeping alive the human
spirit itself."
Ann Pettitt, instigator of the Greenham Common march and author of Walking to Greenham

ISBN: 9781909983021
Language: English
Categories: Anthology, Autobiography & Memoir, Award-winning & listed, Non-Fiction, Women & Society
First Published by Honno: 2nd June 2014

Contributors: Angharad Tomos, Angie Zelter, Anuradha Vittachi, Eileen Chubb, Emma Must, Franny Armstrong, Helen Steel, Jasvinder Sanghera, Jo Wilding, Kate Evans, Liz Crow, Mary Sharkey, Sharyn Lock, Shauneen Lambe, Skye Chirape, Zita Holbourne, Zoe Broughton

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