The Sky Over Wales

By Siân James

"A vivid, multi-coloured patchwork of holidays, school and Sunday school, washday and paints a sharp picture of an intelligent, observant child learning about the world she inhabits and the community to which she belongs." Glenda Beagan

Autobiography & Memoir, Non-Fiction


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'...there were never stars like those first stars.'

The night she first sees the Milky Way; the day electricity comes to the Waun; the afternoon Dan and Raymond decide to play Wolves and Travellers; the evening the first bombers drone overhead, on their way to Liverpool: Siân James' vignettes of a Cardiganshire childhood in the thirties tell a tale of an individualistic and affectionate family and of growing up in a countryside full of familiar scenes and unexpected pleasures. Combining the freshness of a child's vision with the wry and knowing smile of hindsight, the author's memories are beautifully complemented by the artist Pat Gregory's illustrations.


"Recalls the nostalgic enchantment of Laurie Lee's Cider with Rosie"
Pauline Young

ISBN: 9781870206280
Language: English
Categories: Autobiography & Memoir, Non-Fiction
First Published by Honno: 2nd December 1997

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