Laughing, Not Laughing

Edited by Catherine Merriman

"Illuminating, poignant, entertaining and 'unputdownable' - these accounts lift the lid on what Welsh women really think about sex." The Big Issue Cymru

Anthology, Autobiography & Memoir, Award-winning & listed, Non-Fiction



 Laughing, Not Laughing is a unique collection of autobiographical writings about sexual experience, penned by women from Wales.

The 26 authors of all ages – from twenties to over-sixties - write about a fascinating range of experiences. Some accounts are blissful, some horrific, some farcical, some simply matter-of-fact. Some authors write about a particular event, such as loss of virginity; others trace an aspect of their sexual lives over decades. Some tell us about their past; others their present. What shines through all is the honesty and frankness of the writing.

These brave voices are telling true stories about a subject that, despite the greater openness today, is still usually a private matter. The results are compelling and deeply illuminating. Laughing, Not Laughing is essential reading for anyone interested in women and their sexual lives.

Edited and introduced by writer Catherine Merriman, these accounts will variously entertain, inform, move, and, on occasion, shock the reader.


Catherine Merriman is a fiction writer with an interest in gender issues. She has published five contemporary novels, the first, Leaving the Light On (Gollancz, 1992) winning the Ruth Hadden Memorial prize, and the most recent being Brotherhood (2003, Parthian). She has also published three collections of short stories, many of which have been broadcast. She is a tutor for the MPhil in Writing at the University of Glamorgan and a Fellow of the Welsh Academi.

Winner of the 'Best Publication Award' at the Erotic Awards 2004
Wales Book of the Month April 2004


"These voices are telling true stories which have not been heard before (indeed, have been deliberately repressed)..."
Katie Gramich

"Laughing not Laughing is the kind of book that everyone wants to borrow from you"
Clare Morgan,Planet Magazine

"This is a remarkable, inspiring collection, full of epiphanies and self-discovery, which may lead to a deeper understanding of female sexuality."
Kaite O'Reilly, New Welsh Review

Foreword: Catherine Merriman
ISBN: 9781870206624
Language: English
Categories: Anthology, Autobiography & Memoir, Award-winning & listed, Non-Fiction
First Published by Honno: 1st March 2004

Contributors: Adele Woods, Alice Winter, Anne Colledge, Anne-Ruth Alton, Ceridwen Hughes, Elizabeth Baines, Gwerfyl Delahaye, Jill Teague, Katherine Downham, Marlene Mason, Melanie Glyn, Ruth Joseph, Sarah Jones, Siân Melangell Dafydd, Siân Michaels, Sue James, Suzee Moon, Vron Gregg

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