In Her Element


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In Her Element

Edited by Jane MacNamee

"Nature writing at its best" Iolo Williams

Anthology, Autobiography & Memoir, Non-Fiction



Mountaineers, amblers, star-gazers, river-watchers, cavers, climbers, farmers, artists, sailors and ecologists – all these writers explore the elemental forces of the Welsh landscapes which have shaped their lives.

They all share a deep, personal relationship with nature and the gifts it offers us when we are awake enough to see. They share, too, a strong desire to protect and nurture a world that ‘civilization’, alienated from nature and obsessed with commodity, is so hell-bent on destroying. Emissaries for the untamed world, these writers speak with passion, humour, respect, and, ultimately hope.


Illustration: Nicki Orton


"Wonderful Essays! The old alliance of women and nature expresses itself here with insight, attention and delight"
Jim Perrin

"An utterly absorbing and insipring collection of work by women in Wales, which can hardly fail to touch the heart, and strengthen our connection with landscape, nature and the elements.. A perfect antidote to our high-speed, complex, over-structured, and often pointlessly busy 21st century lives. A book to treasure."
Walking Wales

"...sometimes elegiac, often nostalgic, always beautiful"
Hidden Europe

"What these pieces are about is the solace and healing and beauty and peace to be found in unsentimental belonging, in connection, in emotional engagement with both surroundings and writing. Mental and physical ailments are offered medicine here, of a rare and precious sort. This is what we live for- to find such moments of calm"
Niall Griffiths

ISBN: 9781870206969
Language: English
Categories: Anthology, Autobiography & Memoir, Non-Fiction
First Published by Honno: 5th June 2008

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