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The Storyteller's Granddaughter

The Storyteller's Granddaughter

Margaret Redfern

Anatolia, 1336, one girl and her horse set out on an epic journey to Europe in search of a myth.

'Child,' Nene said out of darkness, out of silence, 'I want you to go to your grandfather's country. I want you to find him.'

When her beloved grandmother dies, Sophia is to be sent back to her father's tribe which may be a death sentence. As the possessor of skills which no other girl has, Sophia determines to make her own fate and to fulfil her grandmother's wish. In the dark of night she creeps from the summer dwelling intent on finding her way to England in search of Will the Storyteller the man Nene fell in love with years before, the man Nene sees in Sophia's eyes.

Unbeknownst to her, the key to her success is a Welshman who would protect her with his life but doesn't even know her name... A thrilling picaresque adventure in storytelling from the author of Flint.

Publication Date


21 August 2014


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