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Can I submit my book to Honno for publication?

Click here for info on submission guidelines etc:

Can I submit illustrations and artwork for consideration?

Honno is happy to consider online or emailed portfolios, but commissions its covers from freelance designers and few of its titles are illustrated. Please do not send hardcopy artwork.

How do I apply for a job or work experience at Honno?

In the first instance address an enquiry about job opportunities to or check the News section of the website. For work experience email

Does Honno publish ebooks and, if so, where can I buy them?

Almost all Honno titles are published simultaneously in print and ebook. You can buy all our titles in electronic format through any online bookseller (including Amazon and Waterstones).

How can I request a review copy of a book?


How can I request permission to use an extract from a Honno book?


How can I find out if rights are available for a particular book?

Check the website title page for rights information and contact

How can I find a book that is no longer in print?

Try one of the online secondhand booksellers of whom there are now very many – Amazon is probably your first port of call if you want to purchase a copy, but there’s also EBay and ABE Books (both also online). If you merely want to read the book then your local library should be able to order a copy for you if it’s available to them from somewhere within the UK.

Do you publish books in Welsh?

We reprint titles under the Clasuron Honno imprint .

Honno also has a team of volunteers on its executive committee that specialise in Welsh language publications, and at the moment, preference is given to adult fiction and non-fiction. Authors are invited to send their manuscripts to our office, and please be aware that it might take some time to respond since each submission will be discussed in detail by a committee specially convened for that purpose.

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