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Strike for a Kingdom

First published in 1959, this innovative narrative – a mix of ‘poet’s novel’ and ‘whodunnit’ – is set in the fictional valleys town of Cilhendre at the time of the Lock Out that followed the General Strike of May 1926. …

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The Small Mine

A Valley community, in particular its women, struggle to come to terms with the tragic death of a young collier. Originally republished by Honno in 2003 with a new edition in 2010 with an updated introduction.

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Travels with a Duchess

“This is a terrible chronicle of debauchery. It is by my standards anyway, because I’m a very typical, ordinary, middle-class wife. You might not think it, perhaps, from what I’ve been telling you, but don’t be hard on me – …

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Cover image: You're Welcome to Ulster by Menna Gallie

You’re Welcome to Ulster

Threatened by breast cancer, Welsh-born Sarah Thomas seeks a ‘last’ holiday in Ulster with two close Catholic friends, the Moores, and a former lover, a Protestant left-wing journalist.

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