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Poem of the Month

October 2012 - Katherine Stansfield


How far is it? From here
craters are like fingerprints
until the Circle Line shakes
the moon clean again.

We rest our eyes, sip steaming
tea on the balcony
and calibrate to blink through
Stockwell's neon aurora.
Taking turns again we slide

past one another in planetary intimacy,
our orbits not determined by grand design
but railings, tomato plants.

The terminus comes into focus
when I'm not looking,
better seen without glasses

that sharp line between
the face the moon shows us
and the one turned away.

I stay so long at the glass
my tea cools to clouds.
When I queue for a cup
in a few days time
a hundred miles west

I'll see news of a small girl's shooting
in a corner shop
on a corner not far from here.
What is she doing now
as we try to see the moon?

In the hot darkness of the earth
the last tube clatters strangers home.
They doze, read, check their watches
and the moon wobbles back to a smear.

Katherine Stansfield's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in New Welsh Review, Poetry Wales, Poetry Cornwall, Cheval (Terry Hetherington prize anthology), The Factory, Cadaverine, James Dickey Review, and Magma. Her first poetry collection, Playing House, will be published by Seren in 2014. She is also a fiction writer and her first novel The Visitor will be published by Parthian in 2013. She has reviewed for Planet, Poetry Wales, New Welsh Review, and the Magma blog. Her interviews with Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch and the Australian poet Mark Tredinnick for New Welsh Review are available to read here: http://www.newwelshreview.com/list-interview.php

Katherine will be reading at the North Wales International Poetry Festival 2012 and chairing a panel discussion in Aberystwyth on poetics on 5th October.

More of Katherine's poems are available to read at The Factory.

You can find Katherine on Twitter at k_stansfield
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