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Poem of the Month - April 2014

Gee Whizz by Ruth Jenkins

Gee Whizz

In my Jenny Joseph age
I will wear my father's old shooting hat,
The one with the splendid feather.
I will wear my kilt upside down
Without the pin.
And black lacy gloves
With some fingers missing.
I will put on black shoes
Big enough to catch eels in
And push a sagging perambulator
Brimming with cats.
Swinging from the handle.
I will have a bag of boiled sweets
I shall suck dribble and drool all over town

Ruth Jenkins

Ruth Jenkins lives in Gower and is a triple Literature Alumnus of the University of Swansea. She has published three anthologies for Macmillan Cancer Support: Courage, Ambition, Blessings. The anthologies depict the life of the women of Swansea over the last 160 years.

Alfred's Ribbon

Alfred's Ribbon

Ruth writes under the name of Beta Berlin and has launched her first book last year in Germany and in Wales. It was the first book of a history series of five for Young Adults: Alfred's Ribbon. She will launch two books this year, one historic novella for Young Adults and another one a fictional account based on a convent in Swansea: Looking for Nella. Her books are published in Wales by The Seventh Quarry Swansea.

Ruth wrote Gee Whizz for the poetry group Tuesday Poets Swansea.

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