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Crumbling Pageant
Elisabeth Inglis-Jones


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Honno Gift Guide: Making it easy to find the perfect book for everyone on your list!

Looking for some fabulous books for friends and family? All Honno titles have free p&p to the UK if you spend over £10. We've produced a handy gift guide below to take the stress out of shopping!

And if you'd like them giftwrapped and delivered to the recipient's address, just let us know when you order!


For great HISTORICAL FICTION, from 14th century Eastern Europe to Britain during World War 1 and World War II...

The White Camellia, by Juliet Greenwood
In 1909, the White Camellia ladies' tearooms were one of the first places women could go alone without causing scandal, and where both the suffrage, and early suffragette, movements could grow. The White Camellia is the third of Juliet’s novels looking at women’s roles in different eras.

Patterns of Shadows Trilogy, by Judith Barrow
Beginning with Mary as a nursing sister at a Lancashire prison camp for the housing and treatment of German POWS, this historical fiction trilogy takes us through history, into a vivid story of austerity Britain in the 1950s, and into 1969, where secrets of the war continue to haunt.

The War Before Mine, by Caroline Ross
A brief wartime romance leaves Rosie heartbroken and pregnant. Set in WWII.

The Storyteller’s Grandaughter, by Margaret Redfern
Anatolia, 1336, one girl and her horse set out on an epic journey to Europe in search of a myth. Followed by The Heart Remembers, which follows the story of Sophia in a thrilling picaresque adventure across 14th century Europe.

For fans of CRIME and MYSTERY...

The Unravelling, by Thorne Moore
Karen Rothwell is reminded of an incident in her childhood which takes her on a journey into a land of secrets and lies; it means finding that gang of girls from Marsh Green Junior School and most importantly of all finding Serena Whinn. The Unravelling is the third domestic noir novel from Thorne Moore.

The Illusion of Innocence, by Jacqueline Jacques
Three people on a crowded train, brought there by the same crime. The second Archie Price Victorian Crime mystery.

Someone Else's Conflict, by Alison Layland
Jay is haunted by the ghosts of war who threaten his life and his love. "A highly original, contemporary thriller" Thriller Books Journal

The Mysterious Death of Miss Austen, by Lindsay Ashford
A shocking new possibility for the tragically early death of Jane Austen emerges in this intriguing novel...

And one from our Classics list... Strike for a Kingdom, by Menna Gallie
The secrets and tensions of a close-knit mining community are exposed in this 'outstanding detective story', set at the time of the miners' strike in 1926.

If you are looking for a GREAT READ then we have a great selection to suit all tastes.

Thicker Than Water by Bethan Darwin
Gareth Maddox has his own successful Cardiff Bay law firm, and a perfectly imperfect family. Then along comes MD Cassandra Taylor wanting to employ Gareth's firm on a major project - nothing may ever be quite as it was before Perfect Ltd came to Wales.

The Vegetarian Tigers of Paradise, by Crystal Jeans
A heart-warming, occasionally scabrous insight into growing up wild in the 1990s when your family didn't quite fit is a wise and witty debut from a talented and unusual voice.

Girl in Profile, by Zillah Bethell
From Paris in the early twentieth-century, present-day Swansea, to Tenby in the not far future, this book explores the complex lives of its female characters and the choices they make.

Ghostbird, by Carol Lovekin
Nobody will talk about Cadi's father & sister. But Cadi is determined to find out the truth.In a world of hauntings & magic, as she starts to search,the secrets & the ghosts begin to wake. "Charming, quirky, magical" Joanne Harris

Inshallah, by Alys Einion
Amanda's new life in Saudi Arabia, with baby twins and her husband Mohammed, is strange and confusing...

The Seasoning, by Manon Steffan Ros
Peggy is eighty and the family are having a birthday party. Her son's gift of a beautifully crafted notebook comes with a request... Winner of Wales Book of the Year as Blasu - available in English for the first time!

In a Foreign Country, by Hilary Shepherd
Anne is in Ghana to spend time with her estranged father. Then a terrible accident changes everything...

Small Scale Tour, by Caroline Ross
Lust, love and death all in one life-changing season for Newcastle's Kicking Theatre Compampany.

Left and Leaving, by Jo Verity
Gil and Vivien have nothing in common but out of tragedy something unexpected grows.

Cold Enough to Freeze Cows, by Lorraine Jenkin
Iestyn and Menna have known each other since school, but the path of true love is rarely a smooth one...

SHORT STORY collections are perfect for people who don't have time to read a whole novel - any new parents or commuters in your life who would appreciate some great short fiction?

The Jane Austen anthologies. Choose from one of the three great collections of the winners of the Chawton House Library / Jane Austen Short Story Award: Wooing Mr Wickham, Beguiling Miss Bennett, and Dancing with Mr Darcy.

The Wish Dog and Other Stories, edited by Penny Thomas & Stephanie Tillotson
This anthology takes you into the realm
of the unknown, the ghostly and the gothic, in a colourful kaleidoscope of half-glimpsed shades.

My Heart on My Sleeve, edited by Janet Thomas
Loves lost, loves regained and loves that hide themselves away... fourteen stories, new and rediscovered, from the best of Welsh women's writing.

All Shall Be Well, edited by Penny Thomas & Stephanie Tillotson
Honno's 25th anniversary anthology, brings together a wonderful and absorbing collection of writing by Welsh women taken from Honno's fiction and non-fiction anthologies over the last 25 years.

BIOGRAPHY and MEMOIR from Welsh women talking about their own experiences...

The Greatest Need, written by Jasmine Donahaye
The first biography of Lily Tobias (1887-1984) a Jewish writer from Wales: a courageous, idealistic woman who wrote compellingly about Jewish life and experience in the 20th century.

Betsy Cadwaladyr: A Balaclava Nurse. An Autobiography of Elizabeth Davis, written by Jane Williams (Ysgafell), edited by Deirdre Beddoe
Betsy's story is a unique record - the authentic voice of an early nineteenth century Welsh working woman recalling the events and experiences of an action-packed life. This new edition has extensive new material.

Changing Times, edited by Deirdre Beddoe
A different world - women's stories of the 50s and 60s.

Struggle or Starve, edited by Sian Rhiannon Williams and Carole White
Stories of everyday heroism between the wars.

Dear Mummy, Welcome, by Bethany Hallett
Poignant, honest and intimate, the true story of one woman's fight against the odds, and a little girl's journey to find a mother.

Looking to be INSPIRED and INFORMED?

Here We Stand, women changing the world, edited by Helena Earnshaw & Angharad Penrhyn Jones
A fascinating and unique anthology about contemporary women campaigners and how they were changed by the process of changing the world.

Walking to Greenham, by Ann Pettitt
A unique first-hand account by the progenitor of the march, of one of the 20th century's most iconic expressions of grass roots political will.

The Very Salt of Life, Welsh Women's Political Writings from Chartism to Suffrage, edited by Jane Aaron and Ursula Masson
A vivid account in their own words of the diverse political struggles of women in nineteenth and early twentieth-century Wales.

A Woman's Work is Never Done, by Elizabeth Andrews
This collection brings together the influential activist Elizabeth Andrews' memoir with many of her political articles from the 1920s-40s.

A Stranger Within the Gates, by Bertha Thomas
First published in 1912, this is a collection of witty, sharply observed short stories which engage with feminism and social issues.

In Her Element, edited by Jane MacNamee
20 original women’s voices explore their personal connections to the landscapes which have shaped their lives.

CLASSICS from great Welsh women writers of the past.
Want to curl up with a CLASSIC? Great Welsh women writers of the past brought back into print for a new generation of readers.

Crumbling Pageant, by Elisabeth Inglis-Jones
Catherine Jones is obsessed with the decaying Morfa mansion. She dreams of restoring it to its original glory, and in pursuit of her dream neglects everything else, even her own children.

My Mother’s House, by Lily Tobias
First novel from the acclaimed author of Eunice Fleet a poignant story of belonging, nationhood and identity set in Wales, England and Palestine.

The Soldier and The Gentlewoman, by Hilda Vaughan
It is the end of the First World War and the men are returning home. Gwenllian cannot share in the joy at their return, however - for her, peacetime means the end of independence and the loss of her beloved ancestral home.

Here Are Lovers, by Hilda Vaughan
Romance blooms between Laetitia, the beautiful bookish daughter of the local Squire, and Gronwy, son of a tenant farmer, who longs to be a scholar. But Gronwy and Laetitia are trapped by circumstance one by class, the other by gender.

Jill, by Amy Dillwyn
Jill is an unconventional heroine a lady who disguises herself as a maid and runs away to London. Life above and below stairs is portrayed with irreverent wit in this fast-paced story. But at the centre of the novel is Jill's unfolding love for her mistress. On the surface a feminist manifesto, Jill is a poignant story of same-sex desire and unrequited love.

And for those who love COOKING

We don't have any actual recipe books but We That Are Left, by Juliet Greenwood has some great WW1 recipes in it, and The Seasoning by Manon Steffan Ros features some traditional Welsh recipes.

Some great tales for CHILDREN

The award-winning Bwgan Wood Series by Anne Lewis.
Who's Afraid of the Bwgan Wood?
Nobody sees the eyes peeping out at them from the tangles of the trees in the Bwgan Wood. . . . Until, that is, Tatibwgan and Bwgandaio venture out from the wood and discover a world full of human beings, animals, magic and surprises.
The Scary Monster Clean-up Gang
The sly old swamp-witch, Gwrach y Rhibyn, meddles with a powerful new spell, hoping it will make her Queen of the Wood. But it goes disastrously wrong.
Something is wrong with the magic. Something is feeding on it. The whole world is at stake...

This is just a small selection of our fabulous range of titles - don't forget we also have great romance, children's books, classics and collections of autobiographical writing at www.honno.co.uk.

For great women's writing

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