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Clawr/Cover - Snow Sisters


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Snow Sisters

Carol Lovekin  All books by Carol Lovekin

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Two sisters, their grandmother's old house and Angharad... the girl who cannot leave.

Meredith discovers a dusty sewing box in a disused attic. Once open the box releases the ghost of Angharad, a Victorian child-woman with a horrific secret she must share. Angharad slowly reveals her story to Meredith who fails to convince her more pragmatic sister of the visitations, until Verity sees Angharad for herself on the eve of an unseasonal April snowstorm.

Forced by her flighty mother to abandon Gull House for London, Meredith struggles to settle, still haunted by Angharad and her little red flannel hearts. This time, Verity is not sure she will be able to save her...

"This is a novel of magic, of potent spells, and of great beauty. Lovekin's prose soars like the birds who see everything"
Louise Beech

"Lyrical, evocative and crafted with magic, Carol Lovekin's writing is utterly enchanting"
Amanda Jennings

"A many-layered collage of women's voices, shifting leaves and birdsong... A small world beautifully drawn"
Su Bristow

Praise for Carol Lovekin's Ghostbird:
"Charming, quirky, magical" Joanne Harris

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ISBN: 9781909983700

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  

First published by Honno in : September 2017

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