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Not Funny Not Clever

Jo Verity  All books by Jo Verity

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It's a great story ... I'd certainly like to thank Honno for sending this book to the Bookbag Sue Magee, Thebookbag.co.uk

Two middle-aged women, one handsome tv star and three hormonal teenagersÂ…all stuck in the middle of a heatwave and with nothing planned. Elizabeth was hoping for a week of idle chatter and cold white wine, not being minder to a hoodie... Diane for an answer to a puzzling and difficult dilemma from her personal agony aunt and not being preached atÂ… Jordan, well, he certainly wasn't planning on spending a week with a woman almost old enough to be his gran. But they've all got to make the best of it. After a few short days, everything and nothing will have changed.

With a bittersweet touch, Jo Verity takes a smorgasbord of characters and throws them together to work out what it is that makes life worth living. Ranging from inner London, to Cardiff and the Gower the journey is full of ups and downs, temptations and terrors: a week can be a flash in the pan or a lifetime, depending on how you look at it.

Praise for Jo Verity

"witty and intelligentÂ… And a page turner. This is a book that you put down with regret and reach for with relish every chance you get. Verity has a way with characters and situations that you recognise as very close to home."
Steve Dube, Western Mail

"Jo Verity's fourth novel takes a long, hard look at the unique topography of mid-life – its constraints, compromises and consolations. Verity's psychological perspicacitry shines through once more."
Suzy Ceulan Hughes, gwales.com

" It's a great story ... I'd certainly like to thank Honno for sending this book to the Bookbag" Sue Magee, Thebookbag.co.uk

Sweets from Morocco

"An exceptionally well-written bookÂ… a cracking good read... I loved picking it up every single time"

"a ripping yarn... pitch perfect evocation of childhood and sibling relationships"
Marcel Theroux, The Daily Telegraph

"A richly detailed and absorbing narrative journey in the company of two completely believable – and believably complicated – characters."
Andrew Cowan

"A wonderfully wise portrayal of intriguingly troubled lives."
Suzannah Dunn


"First rate...excellent" The Bookseller

Jo Verity is a Richard and Judy Short Story Award Winner

ISBN: 9781906784249

Language: English

Category: Novels  Fiction  

First published by Honno in : March 2011

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