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Clawr/Cover - Freshers


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Joanna Davies  All books by Joanna Davies

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One of Rachel Trezise's top 10 Welsh underground novels, chosen for the Guardian

Lois, Cerys and Hywel are freshers at Aberystwyth University – Lois is the quiet sedate one and Cerys the extrovert. Hywel is an evangelist trying to live up to his parents' high expectations. Fflur takes it upon herself to educate Lois in life's pleasures and before long she's fallen for 'bad news' Daniel and is experimenting with drugs. Cerys, egged on by the notorious 'fat slags' has embarked on a dangerous affair with a her married professor.

Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll amidst the ivory towers of academia in the early 90s…what it's like to leave home and find a whole new world waiting – and one that is frequently unkind to the unwary and inexperienced. Full of black humour and dangerous spirit.

• Read Joanna's Guardian guest blog in which she considers her own experiences at the 'School of Life' which prompted her book Freshers

Q&A with the author, Joanna Davies (pdf)

"a lively page turner of a novel." Steve Dube, Western Mail

Praise for Ffreshars (the Welsh language version of Freshers)

"Not for the fainthearted, a novel of passion, wild parties, drugs and complications"
Lowri Mair Jones www.Gwales.com

"Freshers begins as a diary of three friends going to college but before the end, arrives at an unexpectedly dark place. Bad boys and worse girls...isn't college a nightmare!"
Llwyd Owen (novelist)

"And though it's a white-knuckle ride for the reader, ...the dark consequences for the characters make this a compelling modern Welsh fable. "
Big Issue

"A riot of a novel full of the ardour of college days  - but not for the fainthearted!"
Caryl Lewis  (author of Martha, Jac & Sianco)

ISBN: 9781906784140

Language: English

Category: Novels  Fiction  

First published by Honno in : March 2010

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