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Clawr/Cover - The Seasoning


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The Seasoning

Manon Steffan Ros  All books by Manon Steffan Ros

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On my eightieth birthday, Jonathan gave me a notebook. Hard-backed with brown and pale yellow marbling on the cover, like chocolate in cream.

'I want you to write something for me,' said Jonathan, his dark eyes locking onto mine. 'I want you to write your story, Mam.'

Peggy's story is the story of her Snowdonia village - of a community that that shares its joys and its woes across floured kitchen tables and scrubbed shop counters.

Throughout Peggy's life food looms large - the lack of it, the sharing of it, the eating of it - from gingerbread to cawl, ce-cream to bara-brith. Her recipes are well-used and much ppreciated, but no one is quite sure where her inspiration comes from, why she is the way she is.

Not until everyone's tale is told does Peggy's story unfold... as thick, dark and sticky as treacle.

"My mouth watered on reading the recipes and I found seeing the context in which Pegi had come by them poignant... I found the story disturbing, uplifting and shocking by turns."
Elizabeth Jane Corbett

"A novel to tease your senses and surprise your soul, this is a beautifully bittersweet read... Manon Steffan Ros writes with an exquisitely sharp blade. The Seasoning is a charming, heartbreaking and captivating novel which deserves high praise indeed.
Liz Robinson, Lovereading

"...a beautifully written and touching work of fiction, unlike anything else I've read before; undoubtedly worth picking up!"
Jody - A Spoonful of Happy Endings

"A gripping story, sensitively written"

"(A) feast of a novel... successfully captures life's profundity and pain...involving its readers closely in the lives of its believable and memorable characters"

"Taste is the key to reactivate memories as the history of an enigma of a woman unfolds"

Originally published in the Welsh language as Blasu, and winner of the fiction category of Wales Book of the Year.

Waterstones Wales Book of the Month July 2015

ISBN: 9781909983250

Language: English

Category: Fiction Novels  

First published by Honno in : May 2015

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