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Clawr/Cover - Plant y Gorthrwm


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Plant y Gorthrwm

Gwyneth Vaughan  All books by Gwyneth Vaughan

Editor: Cathryn Charnell-White

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Plant y Gorthrwm (1908) is a nationalistic, political story
describing the dire consequences of the General Election of 1868 on a small rural community in north Wales. It portrays one of the most important events in the history of nineteenth century Wales, when tenants were thrown out of their homes for daring to vote for the Liberal Party against the instructions of their Tory landlords.

Through her positive images of the Nonconformists of Llangynan, especially her female characters, Gwyneth Vaughan shows the courage of ordinary people, and the way they transformed their suffering into victory, thus ensuring freedom for the people of Wales in the future.

The delight of the author and that of the residents of Bro Cynan is summarised in a victorious announcement that reminds us of a similar morning in in Wales at the end of the twentieth century:

'From Cardigan Bay to Offa's Dyke, from the shores
of the Atlantic to the farthest corners of Wild Wales,
victory resounded like an echo through her rocks
and mountains. That was a glorious morning in the
history of Wales, that will remain a milestone to her
children while Môn is surrounded by the sea'.

Foreward/Intro by: Rosanne Reeves

ISBN: 9781909983144

Language: Welsh

Category: Clasuron Honno  Honno Classics  Welsh  

First published by Honno in : August 2014

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