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Clawr/Cover - The Storyteller’s Granddaughter


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The Storyteller’s Granddaughter

Margaret Redfern  All books by Margaret Redfern

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Anatolia, 1336

'Child,' Nene said out of darkness, out of silence, 'I want you
to go to your grandfather's country. I want you to find him.'

When her beloved grandmother dies, Sophia is to be sent back to her father's tribe – which may be a death sentence. As the possessor of skills which no other girl has, Sophia determines to make her own fate and to fulfil her grandmother's wish. In the dark of night she creeps from the summer dwelling intent on finding her way to England in search of Will the Storyteller – the man Nene fell in love with years before, the man Nene sees in Sophia's eyes.

Unbeknownst to her, the key to her success is a Welshman who would protect her with his life but doesn't even know her name...

"[italic:It is a pleasure to find a historical novelist who does not tread the popular paths of the Victorians, Tudors or Romans. This book is set in an area and period much less visited, recreated with a poet's feel for language and a historian's eye both for details and for the rise and fall of nations."
Caroline Clark, Aberystwyth EGO

"The Storyteller's Granddaughter is a work of fierce beauty... The beauty of the novel comes from Redfern's use of language which is rich and poetic. Also from the intermingling of Sufi mysticism and western thought. Each character carries pain, each one is haunted by their secrets, yet in this community of many tongues and faiths, they journey towards peace and resolution."
Elizabeth Jane Corbett

"For readers looking for a gripping medieval adventure that stunningly portrays 14th-century Anatolia, I would recommend The Storyteller's Granddaughter.
Historical Novel Society

From the author of Flint:

"Its particular strength is the poetry of the language and the way it draws the reader into a stark, beautiful, dangerous mediaeval world, so rounded out and tactile that I believed I was there. It's a wonderful, miniature gem of a novel. The reader will need to concentrate as the novel does flick about in time, but once absorbed into the rhythm, it's a highly rewarding, skilled piece of writing. One for my keeper shelf." Historical Novel Society

"Flint is a novel you can read for the sheer joy of reading—and that is the highest praise I can give to any writer. " Lacuna – A Journal of Historical Fiction

"Emotionally resonant, and considerably deeper than its short length might suggest, Flint celebrates the power of song and story to help us remember people and places that might otherwise be forgotten. Highly recommended." Reading the Past

'"fiction stamped with authenticity on every page, an original novel from a mature and imaginative writer"' Steve Dube, Western Mail

'delightful, erudite and gripping' Christine Willison, Pembrokeshire Country Arts Officer

ISBN: 9781909983014

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  

First published by Honno in : August 2014

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