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You're Welcome to Ulster

Menna Gallie  All books by Menna Gallie

Editor: Angela V John, Claire Connolly

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" A striking novel, You're Welcome to Ulster is a significant and exciting text" Planet

Edited and with a new introduction by Prof. Angela V John and Dr Claire Connolly.

Threatened by breast cancer, Welsh-born Sarah Thomas seeks a 'last' holiday in Ulster with two close Catholic friends, the Moores, and a former lover, a Protestant left-wing journalist.

Once arrived at the Moores' house in County Down, Sarah finds the family rife with potential martyrs: Colum Moore, an English professor trying to resist public political involvement; his devout, naively nationalistic wife, carrying their eighth child and breeding vulnerability; her sister, Una, an angry activist spouting Marx and Marcuse who lives like a nun among grotesque religious relics.

First published in 1971, this is a fascinating insight into the politics of both time and place.

" A striking novel, You're Welcome to Ulster is a significant and exciting text.. helps to reassert Menna Gallie's position in the Welsh literary canon and offers readers and scholars a fascinating and complex text with which to engage." Planet

" one of the very first dramatizing the Troubles, and all the more worthwhile due to its pan-Celtic, wry, and first-hand perspective"
John L Murphy "Fionnchú", http://fionnchu.blogspot.com

ISBN: 9781906784195

Language: English

Category: Honno Classics  Novels  

First published by Honno in : September 2010

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