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Clawr/Cover - Cold Enough to Freeze Cows


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Cold Enough to Freeze Cows

Lorraine Jenkin  All books by Lorraine Jenkin

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Iestyn and Menna have known each other since school, but the path of true love is rarely a smooth oneÂ… Particularly when it's a rough farm track obstructed by a raging torrent. It takes a series of unusual events in and around the small mid-Wales town of Dros-y-Bryn to make them realise what they've been missingÂ…

Johnny 'Sandwich' Brechan is a ladies man par excellence – flitting from one illicit dalliance to another, nary a female safe from his attentions. Until that is, one lonely night, a voice in the distance calling for help turns him from flirt to family man in a matter of hours.

Esther is struggling to love her husband and daughter, whose selfishness knows no bounds – despite her own physical frailty. Her venom needs an outlet where it can do no lasting harm and thanks to a recent foray into the world of computing she might just have found a way to vent her spleen and do some good in the world.

Fate has a lot to answer for – and spares no-one's blushes in this wickedly humorous look at the frailities of man - and woman…

The People's Book Prize Finalist

Country Book of the Year, 2012
Anna's ebook awards, 2012 (http://booksandanna.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/annas-ebook-awards-2012/)

Welsh Independent Booksellers Book of the Month, August 2010

Praise for Cold Enough to Freeze Cows

Highly readable stuff to curl up with ... County Times.

"Strong characters, cleverly-contrived plotline and thoroughly feel-good writing make this story unmissable."
Trish Simpson-Davis, BookBag (www.thebookbag.co.uk)

"Like a Welsh 'Love Actually'"
AB, The Chick Lit Club (www.chicklitclub.com)

"Lorraine Jenkin creates characters we can care about, she carries us along easily and eagerly to a happy conclusion."
Caroline Clark, www.gwales.com

Praise for Lorraine Jenkin

"funny and feel-good... gloriously off-the-wall plot"

"a novel to delight in for one reason after another – starting with its ability to make this reviewer laugh out loud... feel-good as well as funny and a rollicking read that's hard to put down"
Steve Dube, Western Mail

"This sweet romantic story is flavoured with an unexpectedly strong cast of characters... a case of expecting light fluffy chocolate mousse and getting so much more."
The Chick Lit Club

"The various twists and turns of each plot meant that I could hardly stop reading each night!"
The Western Mail

"fun and witty... with many twists in the tale that all women can relate to"
County and Border Life

ISBN: 9781906784171

Language: English

Category: Romance  Humour  Fiction  Novels  

First published by Honno in : July 2010

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