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Clawr/Cover - Written in Blood


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Written in Blood


Editor: Lindsay Ashford, Caroline Oakley

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This latest collection of short stories from Honno showcases a wide range of imaginative takes on what constitutes crime fiction. From bodies buried under the patio to old ladies with enviable inheritances, and from a Chandleresque pastiche to police procedurals.

"the sheer variety and craft of these stories makes for a very satisfying read while reminding us of the drama underlying apparently innocent lives"
The Short Review (www.theshortreview.com)

"Bang up-to-date"

"Welsh women writers prove themselves adept at taking an innovative sideways look at man's inhumanity to man- and more especially, woman."
Cambrian News

"If you like crime fiction you'll enjoy this collection... unusual and interesting."
Lynda's Book Blog (http://lyndasbookblog.blogspot.com)

ISBN: 9781906784010

Language: English

Category: Short Stories  Fiction  Crime  Anthologies  

First published by Honno in : February 2009

Contributors: Yasmin Ali, Sue Anderson, Jan Baker, Hilary Bowers, Maggie Cainen, Caroline Clark, Val Douglas, Imogen Rhia Herrad, Helen Lewis, Kate Kinnersley, Delphine Richards, Beryl Roberts, Anita Rowe, Kay Sheard, Joy Tucker,

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