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Clawr/Cover - The War Before Mine


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The War Before Mine

Caroline Ross  All books by Caroline Ross

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2006 and Alex Mullen is coming to terms with a terrible past. Meeting up with Frankie, who shared the bad times, exposes one of Australia's cruellest secrets.

Falmouth,1942 and commando Philip Seymour sails for France. Left on the quayside is Rosie, a half-Romany girl looking for something more from life than collecting old clothes to sell on for pennies.

Philip, who turned down a commission on principle, is pal Tucker – haunted by dreams of strange beasts hanging in his father's cold store, and Anderson – a mean spirited wide-boy who Philip doesn't quite trust, are about to make history in the audacious raid on the docks of St Nazaire.

What befalls the commandos shapes the lives of Rosie, Alex and Philip in ways none of them could have imagined...

"Ross eschews the tropes of romantic fiction and confounds our expectations with a novel which is far more than a simple love story. The plot twists and turns in so many directions, it keeps you in its grip to the very last page. A hugely enjoyable read, easy yet well-informed, light yet crammed with poetic images and unafraid to confront the harshness of war and its long-lasting consequences."
Sarah Bower, The Historical Novels Review

"Ross proves herself a versatile and senstive chronicler of the world at war and a bright new star of Welsh writing." Sunday Telegraph

"complex and engaging" Western Mail

"Moving and involving. As it shifts from delicate love story to scenes of gunfire and battle, the pace never relents, its characters both appeal and convince" James Friel

"More than a war story, more than a love story... A slice of living history." Philip Gross.

ISBN: 9781870206976

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  Historical  

First published by Honno in : October 2008

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