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Clawr/Cover - In Her Element


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In Her Element


Editor: Jane MacNamee

£7.99     BUY THIS BOOK

Illustrator: Nicki Orton

"Nature writing at its best" - Iolo Williams

"Wonderful Essays! The old alliance of women and nature expresses itself here with insight, attention and delight" - Jim Perrin

20 original voices explore their personal connections to the landscapes which have shaped their lives.

With nature as healer and teacher as a common thread, this is a book about the unique bond with the natural world which comes over time spent in the company of wild things. There are stories where that bond is felt just for a moment – dolphins following a woman's sailing boat around the coast of Pembrokeshire; the arc of of red kite's tail feathers; a full moon over water; reaching the summit; the feeling of snow, or discovering stalactites underground. Others share their stories of a bond which has deepened over the years - walking a familiar mountain in all its seasons; a lifetime's work researching one of our rarest treasures, the Snowdon lily; rediscovering the land after a diagnosis of MS; memories of life by the sea on Anglesey; a love affair with climbing which started from childhood; and saying goodbye to the headland after 50 years of farming.

This book brings a feminine perspective, with both new and established voices, to contemporary nature writing in Britain.

"...utterly absorbing and inspiring...a book to treasure"
Walking Wales

"This is what we live for- to find such moments of calm"
Niall Griffiths

"...sometimes elegiac, often nostalgic, always beautiful"
Hidden Europe

ISBN: 9781870206969

Language: English

Category: Anthologies  Autobiography  

First published by Honno in : June 2008

Contributors: Christine Evans, Sian MelangellDafydd, Jill Teague, Hilary Lloyd, Carys Shannon, Jackie Davies, Barbara Jones, Paula Brackston, Katherine Cuthbert, Martha Cuthbert, Gwyneth Evans, Jane Matthews, Ruth Joseph, Emily Hinshelwood, Elaine Walker, Maggie Cainen, Sarah Boss, Dee Rivaz, Sue Anderson, Jackie Williamson, Jean Lyon, Patricia Barrie, Jay Griffiths,

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