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Clawr/Cover - Coming up Roses


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Coming up Roses


Editor: Caroline Oakley

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A fiction anthology from Welsh women writing about gardens: what they mean to them, what happens in them and where they take them…

In 'Yellow Ribbons on a Pear Tree' an Italian POW returns home to a mixed welcome from his wife and family; 'Gift' is a tale of loss and love and of misunderstandings set around a memorial oak sapling; 'Rosemary and Rue' concerns memory and what it means to lose it and 'Seasons of Brews and Roses' tells of the love between mother and daughter and its waxing and waning, in good times and bad.

There are sad stories and happy ones, tales from home and abroad – all of them share a love for plants and planting, flowers and seeds, a real sense of the power of growing things to change lives.

"Crime, romance, loss, haunted tales... this collection has it all. 20 great stories... an ideal prsent for the gardener in your life."
Lynda's Book Blog (http://lyndasbookblog.blogspot.com/)

"Sad, tense, funny, bizarre but best of all, original plots and a huge variety of themes show how creative writers can transform fruit and veg, flower borders and potting sheds to delve into our deepest fears and unrequited longings but also bring on the growth of new possibilities with each passing season."
Western Mail

ISBN: 9781870206938

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Short Stories  Anthologies  

First published by Honno in : January 2008

Contributors: Molly Price, Sue Coffey, Christine Hirst, Catherine Osborn, Ella-Louise Gilbert, Sue Anderson, Vivien Kelly, PennyAnne Windsor, Hilary Bowers, Siân Melangell Dafydd, Naomi Bagel, Ruth Joseph, Joy Tucker, Alexandra Claire, Nina Schmeider, Ally Thomas, Imogen Rhia Herrad, Elizabeth Morgan, Cecilia Morreau, Judith Barrow,

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