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Clawr/Cover - The Scary Monster Clean-up Gang


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The Scary Monster Clean-up Gang

Anne Lewis  All books by Anne Lewis

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Illustrator: Sarah Warburton

The sequel to Who's Afraid of the Bwgan-Wood, winner of the 1996 Tir na n-Og Award.

"Strange and scary things can sometimes happen to people who wander through the Old Ironworks, especially at dusk or in the dark. Because if humans are stupid enough to build roads and towns and factories right next to where the Ancient Ones live - the least you can expect is a bit of mischief now and again."

The sly old swamp-witch, Gwrach y Rhibyn, meddles with a powerful new spell, hoping it will make her Queen of the Wood. But it goes disastrously wrong. The whole town of Nant-y-Ceirw is trapped in the thrall of the hideous Shadow of Don't Care and the Bwganod of the Wood are in terrible danger. It's up to their human friends - Gramps and David and Eleri and Eleri's Nan - to rescue them. Somehow they must defeat the Shadow. But how can you fight magic?

A novel for children from 7-11 years old.

ISBN: 9781870206372

Language: English

Category: Fiction  Novels  Childrens  Fantasy  

First published by Honno in : 1999

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