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Here are Lovers

   (Hilda Vaughan, ed.Diana Wallace)
Romance blooms between Laetitia, the beautiful bookish daughter of the local Squire, and Gronwy, son of a tenant farmer, who longs to be a scholar. But Gronwy and Laetitia are trapped by circumstance....
(September 2012) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Iron and Gold

   (Hilda Vaughan)
A skilful retelling of the best known Welsh Fairy Bride folktale, ' The Lady of Llyn y Fan Fach.'

( 2002) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Plant y Gorthrwm

   (Gwyneth Vaughan, ed.Cathryn Charnell-White)
Plant y Gorthrwm (1908) is a nationalistic, political story
describing the dire consequences of the General Election of
1868 on a small rural community in north Wales.

(August 2014) Full details

£10.99      BUY NOW

The Soldier and The Gentlewoman

   (Hilda Vaughan)
It is the end of the First World War and the men are returning home. Gwenllian cannot share in the joy at their return, however. Industrious, intelligent and determined, for her, peacetime means the e...
(September 2014) Full details

£10.99      BUY NOW

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