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A Diamond in the Sky

   (Margaret Pelling)
A touching and compelling story of love and loss from a new Honno voice, set among the dreaming spires of Oxford, rural West Wales and urban North London.
(August 2011) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

A Hundred Tiny Threads

   (Judith Barrow)
It takes more than just love to make a marriage... It's 1911 and Winifred Duffy is a determined young woman eager for a life beyond the grocer's shop counter.
(August 2017) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Changing Patterns

   (Judith Barrow)
The war is over but Mary still has to keep her relationship with Peter, a German ex-POW, secret. Sister Ellen & best friend Jean expect Mary to fix their troubles too. A vivid story of austerity B...
(May 2013) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Eden's Garden

   (Juliet Greenwood)
Sometimes you have to run away, sometimes you have to come home: Two women a century apart struggling with love, family duty, long buried secrets, and their own creative ambitions.
(March 2012) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW


   (Carol Lovekin)
Nobody will talk about Cadi's father & sister. But Cadi is determined to find out the truth.In a world of hauntings & magic, as she starts to search,the secrets & the ghosts begin to wake.
(March 2016) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Girl in Profile

   (Zillah Bethell)
Three voices, three loves, three lives, in Paris and Wales - before children, with children, after the children have gone. At times as subtle and luminous as a Gwen John painting, at others it is ...
(April 2016) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Guerrillas in our Midst

   (Claire Peate)
Edda gets the terrible news that best-friend Beth is deserting her for family life but a final wine-fuelled night sees her joining secret group the Brockley Spades & life gets a lot more excitingÂ...
(February 2011) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Left and Leaving

   (Jo Verity)
Gil and Vivien have nothing in common but London and proximity, and responsibilities they don't want, but out of tragedy something unexpected grows.
(January 2014) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Light Switches are my Kryptonite

   (Crystal Jeans)
Sylvester is a frightened, brave, compassionate young man with an OCD problem. He spends a lot of time in his room, muttering his mantras and gluing glitter to the light switches. Join him, his fragil...
(April 2017) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Living in the Shadows

   (Judith Barrow)
There are secrets dating back to the war that still haunt the family... Sequel to the acclaimed WWII sagas Changing Patterns and Pattern of Shadows.
(July 2015) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Mae'r Galon wrth y Llyw

   (Kate Bosse-Griffiths, ed.Rosanne Reeves; Heini Gruffudd )
We follow the passion and suffering, happiness and bitterness of the lives of Doris, Arthur and Sian as important decisions have to be made, for better or for worse, which cause turmoil in the relatio...
(August 2016) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Not Thomas

   (Sara Gethin)
Tomos is 5 and lives with his mother. He longs to return to the place he thinks of as home. His mum has said not to answer the door to the men, so behind his chair Tomos waits, small and quiet.
(June 2017) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Sea of Troubles

   (M. Stanford-Smith)
Nicholas is heartbroken–his home burned down and the love of his life married to another. In this second adventure he looks for more than transient thrills but his ability to find trouble is unerring...
(June 2011) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Snow Sisters

   (Carol Lovekin)
Two sisters, their grandmother's old house and Angharad... the girl who cannot leave. "Lyrical, evocative and crafted with magic, Carol Lovekin's writing is utterly enchanting" Amanda Jennin...
(September 2017) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Someone ElseÂ’s Conflict

   (Alison Layland)
Jay is haunted by the ghosts of war who threaten his life and his love. A compelling narrative of trust and betrayal, love, duty and honour from a talented debut novelist.
(November 2014) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

The Heart Remembers

   (Margaret Redfern)
Venice, Ypres, Wales – an incredible adventure
across 14th century Europe. A thrilling picaresque adventure in storytelling from the author of Flint and The Storyteller's Granddau...
(October 2015) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

The House With Old Furniture

   (Helen Lewis)
Evie thinks she has left the dead behind: The ghosts of a century's worth of secrets and betrayals are coming home to Pengarrow...
(July 2017) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

The Illusion of Innocence

   (Jacqueline Jacques)
Three people on a crowded train, brought there by the same crime. From the author of The Colours of Corruption, also in the Archie Price series.
(November 2015) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

The Mysterious Death of Miss Austen

   (Lindsay Ashford)
No-one has ever been able to provide a satisfactory explanation for the tragically early death of Jane Austen. A shocking new possibility emerges in this intriguing novel...

(October 2011) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

The Seasoning

   (Manon Steffan Ros)
Peggy is eighty and the family are having a birthday party. Her sonÂ's gift of a beautifully crafted notebook comes with a request...
(May 2015) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

The Unravelling

   (Thorne Moore)
When they were ten everybody wanted to be SerenaÂ's friend, and in her inner circle. But doing so meant proving your worth, with consequences itÂ's not nice to think about – even 3...
(July 2016) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

The Vegetarian Tigers Of Paradise

   (Crystal Jeans)
A heart-warming, occasionally scabrous insight into growing up wild in the 1990s when your family didn't quite fit in - a wise and witty debut from a talented and unusual voice.
(May 2016) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

The White Camellia

   (Juliet Greenwood)
Bea is expected to marry her wealthy cousin to rescue her family fortune. A visit to the White Camellia tearoom finds her drawn into the suffrage campaign - will following her heart mean betraying her...
(September 2016) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Thicker Than Water

   (Bethan Darwin)
Warm, witty novel in contemporary Cardiff and 1920s Canada from the author of Back Home.
(August 2016) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Two Times Twenty

   (Bethan Darwin)
Love is never perfect… Two entwined stories – Anna as a girl, discovering the pleasures and pain of first love, and Anna on the verge of middle-age trying to find a happy compromise between romance ...
(October 2010) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

We That are Left

   (Juliet Greenwood)
Elin lives a luxurious but lonely life at Hiram Hall. Her husband Hugo loves her but he has never recovered from the Boer War. Now another war threatens to destroy everything she knows.
(February 2014) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

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