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Honno's Classics are a unique series which bring books by women writers from Wales, long since out of print, to a new generation of readers.

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A Burglary: or Unconscious Influence

   (Amy Dillwyn, ed.Alison Favre)
Heiress Ethel Carton is robbed of her prized jewels. A local collier and poacher is accused. The villain goes unsuspected until he falls for the headstrong yet moral heroine Imogen Rhys.
(August 2009) Full details

£10.99      BUY NOW

A Welsh Witch

   (Allen Raine, ed.Jane Aaron)
'They say she's a real witch,' says Goronwy Hughes' grandmother, warning him of Catrin Rees, the heroine of A Welsh Witch. The sea-side village of Treswnd has elected Catrin as its scapegoat, shunning...
(March 2013) Full details

£10.99      BUY NOW

A Woman's Work is Never Done

   (Elizabeth Andrews, ed.Ursula Masson)
This new collection brings together for the first time the influential activist Elizabeth Andrews' memoir with many of her political articles from the 1920s-40s.
( 2006) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Betsy Cadwaladyr: A Balaclava Nurse

   (Jane Williams (Ysgafell))
An Autobiography of Elizabeth Davis. Betsy's story is a unique record ┬ľ the authentic voice of an early nineteenth century Welsh working woman recalling the events and experiences of an action-packed...
(January 2015) Full details

£11.99      BUY NOW

Betsy Cadwaldyr Funding Appeal

Brave, adventurous, and totally unique - help bring Betsy Cadwaladyr's life story back into print, with new information!
(March 2014) Full details

£10.00      BUY NOW

Cerddi Jane Ellis

   (Jane Ellis, ed.Rhiannon Ifans)
The first Welsh volume by a woman, these poems cast light on the female experience, the hymn in Wales, Methodism, industrialization, & the nature of women's poetry in 19th century Wales.
(August 2010) Full details

£7.99      BUY NOW

Crumbling Pageant

   (Elisabeth Inglis-Jones, ed.Sally Roberts Jones)
Catherine Jones is obsessed with the decaying Morfa mansion. She dreams of restoring it to its original glory, and in pursuit of her dream neglects everything else, even her own children.
(September 2015) Full details

£11.99      BUY NOW

Dringo'r Andes

   (Eluned Morgan, ed.Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan, Kathryn Hughes)
Dringo'r Andes (1904) (Climbing the Andes) and Gwymon y Môr (1909) (Seaweed) are creative travel journals, the former chronicles a horse ride to the Andes, and ...
( 2001) Full details

£5.95      BUY NOW

Eunice Fleet

   (Lily Tobias, ed.Jasmine Donahaye)
First published in 1933, this the deeply moving story about the treatment of conscientious objectors during the First World War.

( 2004) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Gladys of Harlech

   (L.M.Spooner, ed.Rita Singer)
Gladys of Harlech was first published anonymously in 1858. The novel is set during the Wars of the Roses in the mid-15th century and tells the story of Gladys, granddaughter of the last Welsh keeper o...
(February 2017) Full details

£14.99      BUY NOW

Here are Lovers

   (Hilda Vaughan, ed.Diana Wallace)
Romance blooms between Laetitia, the beautiful bookish daughter of the local Squire, and Gronwy, son of a tenant farmer, who longs to be a scholar. But Gronwy and Laetitia are trapped by circumstance....
(September 2012) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Iron and Gold

   (Hilda Vaughan)
A skilful retelling of the best known Welsh Fairy Bride folktale, ' The Lady of Llyn y Fan Fach.'

( 2002) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW


   (Amy Dillwyn, ed.Kirsti Bohata)
Jill is an unconventional heroine - a lady who disguises herself as a maid and runs away to London. Life above and below stairs is portrayed with irreverent wit in this fast-paced story. But at the ...
(September 2013) Full details

£10.99      BUY NOW

Llon a Lleddf a Stor├Ćau Eraill

   (Sara Maria Saunders (S.M.S., ed.Rosanne Reeves), ed.Rosanne Reeves)
The stories of an observant female writer about characters in rural Wales during the golden era of Nonconformity.
(August 2012) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Mae'r Galon wrth y Llyw

   (Kate Bosse-Griffiths, ed.Rosanne Reeves; Heini Gruffudd )
We follow the passion and suffering, happiness and bitterness of the lives of Doris, Arthur and Sian as important decisions have to be made, for better or for worse, which cause turmoil in the relatio...
(August 2016) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

My Mother's House

   (Lily Tobias)
First novel from the acclaimed author of EUNICE FLEET ┬ľ a poignant story of belonging, nationhood and identity set in Wales, England and Palestine
(March 2015) Full details

£12.99      BUY NOW

Pererinion a Storïau Hen Ferch

   (Jane Ann Jones, ed.Cathryn A. Charnell-White)
Her use of daring and highly personal themes drove Louie Myfanwy Davies (1908┬ľ68) to use the pseudonym Jane Ann Jones. Pererinion is a bittersweet autobiographical novella about the relationship of a...
(October 2008) Full details

£7.99      BUY NOW

Plant y Gorthrwm

   (Gwyneth Vaughan, ed.Cathryn Charnell-White)
Plant y Gorthrwm (1908) is a nationalistic, political story
describing the dire consequences of the General Election of
1868 on a small rural community in north Wales.

(August 2014) Full details

£10.99      BUY NOW


   (Winnie Parry, ed.Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan, Kathryn Hughes)
The story of a young, mischievous girl and her adventures against the backdrop of Nonconformist, agricultural Caernarvonshire in the nineteenth century.

( 2003) Full details

£6.99      BUY NOW

Stranger Within The Gates: A collection of short stories

   (Bertha Thomas, ed.Kirsti Bohata)
First published in 1912, this is a collection of witty, sharply observed short stories.
(March 2008) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Strike for a Kingdom

   (Menna Gallie, ed.Angela V. John)
The secrets and tensions of a close-knit mining community are exposed in this 'outstanding detective story', set at the time of the miners' strike in 1926, originally reprinted by Honno in 2003, now i...
(March 2011) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Telyn Egryn

   (Elen Egryn (Elin Evans, ed.Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan, Kathryn Hughes), ed.Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan, Kathryn Hughes)
The first volume in the Honno Welsh Classics series-a milestone in the history of women's poetry in Wales.
( 1998) Full details

£5.95      BUY NOW

The Captain's Wife

   (Eiluned Lewis, ed.Katie Gramich)
Lettice Peters travelled the world on her husband's ships, but has now settled with her children in the little cathedral town of 'St Idris' in Pembrokeshire.
(September 2008) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

The Small Mine

   (Menna Gallie, ed.Jane Aaron)
A Valley community, in particular its women, struggle to come to terms with the tragic death of a young collier. Originally republished by Honno in 2003 and now in a new edition with an updated introd...
(September 2010) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

The Soldier and The Gentlewoman

   (Hilda Vaughan)
It is the end of the First World War and the men are returning home. Gwenllian cannot share in the joy at their return, however. Industrious, intelligent and determined, for her, peacetime means the e...
(September 2014) Full details

£10.99      BUY NOW

The Very Salt of Life: Welsh Women┬ĺs Political Writings from Chartism to Suffrage

A vivid account in their own words of the diverse political struggles of women in nineteenth and early twentieth-century Wales.
(October 2007) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

The Wooden Doctor

   (Margiad Evans, ed.Sue Asbee)
First published in 1933, this is the gripping story of an obsessed adolescent, her alcoholic father, and a strange, seemingly incurable disease.
(February 2005) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Travels with a Duchess

   (Menna Gallie, ed.Angela V. John)
Just how much trouble can a Welsh Shirley Valentine get into on a foreign holiday? Deliciously funny, acerbic and honest. First published in 1968, originally reprinted by Honno in 1996, now in a new e...
(March 2011) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Welsh Women's Poetry 1460-2001

   (Anthology, ed.Katie Gramich, Catherine Brennan)
This groundbreaking volume is the first bilingual anthology of Welsh women's poetry.
( 2003) Full details

£14.99      BUY NOW

Winter Sonata

   (Dorothy Edwards, ed.Claire Flay)
Young clerk Arnold Nettle arrives in a small village as summer fades. Repulsed by his crude working-class landlady he becomes enamoured of the respectable Neran family, who have their own difficulties...
(September 2011) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

You're Welcome to Ulster

   (Menna Gallie, ed.Angela V John; Claire Connolly)
Threatened by breast cancer, Welsh-born Sarah Thomas seeks a 'last' holiday in Ulster with two close Catholic friends, the Moores, and a former lover, a Protestant left-wing journalist.
(September 2010) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

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