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A Woman's Work is Never Done

   (Elizabeth Andrews, ed.Ursula Masson)
This new collection brings together for the first time the influential activist Elizabeth Andrews' memoir with many of her political articles from the 1920s-40s.
( 2006) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

All Shall be Well

Honno's 25th anniversary anthology, brings together a wonderful and absorbing collection of writing by Welsh women taken from the fiction and non-fiction anthologies published by the press over the la...
(May 2012) Full details

£9.99      BUY NOW

All Shall Be Well - Hardback

HonnoÂ's 25th anniversary anthology, brings together a wonderful and absorbing collection of writing by Welsh women taken from the fiction and non-fiction anthologies published by the press over...
(May 2012) Full details

£14.99      BUY NOW

Changing Times: A different world - women's stories of the 50s and 60s

Life in the 50s and 60s still meant segregation and inequality for many women, but it also brought rock-n-roll, rising hemlines and the first signs of female emancipation since the vote.
(January 2010) Full details

£11.99      BUY NOW

Dear Mummy, Welcome

   (Bethany Hallett)
Poignant, honest and intimate, Dear Mummy, Welcome is the true story of one woman's fight against the odds, and a little girl's
journey to find a mother.
(November 2011) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

Dringo'r Andes

   (Eluned Morgan, ed.Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan, Kathryn Hughes)
Dringo'r Andes (1904) (Climbing the Andes) and Gwymon y Môr (1909) (Seaweed) are creative travel journals, the former chronicles a horse ride to the Andes, and ...
( 2001) Full details

£5.95      BUY NOW

Even the Rain is Different

   (Anthology, ed.Gwyneth Tyson Roberts)
A compelling collection spanning 150 years of Welsh women's experiences abroad.
(March 2005) Full details

£7.99      BUY NOW

Here We Stand

A fascinating and unique anthology about contemporary women campaigners and how they were changed by the process of changing the world.
(June 2014) Full details

£10.99      BUY NOW

Iancs, Conshis a Spam

   (Anthology, ed.Leigh Verrill-Rhys)
Atgofion Menywod o'r Ail Ryfel Byd.
( 2002) Full details

£9.99      BUY NOW

In Her Element

20 women writers from all over Wales recount their deep personal connections to the landscapes which have shaped their lives – their loves, their joys, their losses, their inner and their outer world...
(June 2008) Full details

£7.99      BUY NOW

Laughing not Laughing

   (Anthology, ed.Catherine Merriman)
A unique autobiographical collection of from 26 authors writing about their sexual experiences.
( 2004) Full details

£7.99      BUY NOW

Losing Timo

   (Linda Baxter)
"They killed our son just for the fun of it." London: June 1999: Hungerford Bridge. A haunting account of the events after the terrible night of the murder of the author's son.
( 2004) Full details

£5.99      BUY NOW

Strange Days Indeed

   (Anthology, ed.Lindsay Ashford; Rebecca Tope)
Funny, shocking and tender, this is a unique collection of autobiographical writings about motherhood penned by women from Wales.
(March 2007) Full details

£7.99      BUY NOW

Struggle or Starve: Stories of everyday heroism between the wars

A vivid recreation of the lives of working class women during this difficult time of depression, dislocation and dramatic industrial and political struggle.
(October 2009) Full details

£9.99      BUY NOW

The Captain's Wife

   (Eiluned Lewis, ed.Katie Gramich)
Lettice Peters travelled the world on her husband's ships, but has now settled with her children in the little cathedral town of 'St Idris' in Pembrokeshire.
(September 2008) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

The Sky over Wales

   (Siân James)
Award winning author Siân James offers us a delightful glimpse into her early childhood days in Cardiganshire, beautifully illustrated by Pat Gregory.
( 1997) Full details

£5.95      BUY NOW

Walking to Greenham: How the Peace Camp Began and the Cold War Ended

   (Ann Pettitt)
A unique first hand account by the progenitor of the march, of one of the 20th century's most iconic expressions of grass roots political will.
(August 2006) Full details

£8.99      BUY NOW

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